Deer hunting with Urban Area Outfitters LLC



Quotes Well all I can say is 3 years and a row I shot nice bucks a 150 class and 2 160 class bucks in 2014/15 season and another 2015/16. Great time great property and saw several good bucks including some really nice up and comers for next year! I will be back for sure!! Quotes
Chuck Smith
Premonition Charters Lake St. Clair Mi

Quotes Wow, what a hunt of a lifetime. First evening on stand had a solid 145 at 20 yds offering no shot. Second day they showed me pics of a real Ohio giant we were going after. Man did they have that right, had him second day at 40 but no ethical shot opportunity but boy was I down after that close call. They got my confidence up and with their help on stratedgy I got my chance the last evening of the hunt. Monster is right 174 5/8, thanks guys you know your deer and their patterns, Hunt of a Lifetime! I will be back for yr 6 Quotes
Mike Lambert Florida 2013

Quotes Hunted the pre-rut last year with my son inlaw and saw lots of good deer. As usual camera evidence prevailed as we did some stand switching and low and behold he was there when I wasn't. On another occassion we took a time out for lunch and couldn't get to our stand as he was there. I re-booked for next year and will be back the quality is certainly there. Just got to close the deal on numerous close calls! what a great bunch to have fun and hunt with!! Quotes
Mike Lambert

Quotes 2014 and 2015 hunting seasons with Urban Area Outfitters all I can say is WOW! Great people small operation but he knows his properties and deer patterns. Started by filling in for a guy who could not make the trip 2 years ago and now became a close friend. First year I did a late Muzzle hunt and was not successful as my other two buddies killed nice bucks. I returned for a late season bow hunt over food sources and shot a 150 class buck after seeing a monster the night before, almost passed. In 2015 Muzzle season started out slow for first two days and wanted to move locations and Keith said they are there stay put. Went out early after weather change and smoked a 164 2/8 and had 6 bucks in the plot. Great hunt and great people!! Quotes
Muskie Chuck
Premonition Charters Lake St. Clair Mi

Quotes First two years were unbelievable, rut in urban Ohio is like notrhing I've ever seen. Thought I'd try showing up early this year. First day watched a 148" 14 point for 3 1/2 hours. Climbed out of my stand at dark with him still in the plot still out of range. Second day of season they repositioned my stand, poked a hole in him. Three years in a row, awesome. Quotes
Jeff Williams
Hunter from Alabama 2013

Quotes My second year and a row, WOW! I saw a bunch of bucks, got to watch my decoy get abused and as usual they put me on a good one. Rainy day not much happening they got me out just before it quit and the deer movement was happening. Chasing was on and I shot my second good bow buck of a lifetime 162 6/8 an hour before dark. they know what they are doing!! Quotes
Jeffrey Williams
WFA, Alabama

Quotes The muzzleloader hunting conditions were tough with a full moon and warmer than normal temperatures. Deer movement was slow due to these factors but that doesn't mean I didn't have an opportunity to score on a very nice buck. I put in my time and was rewarded with a very nice 9 point buck on the third evening. He had an inside spread of 22 1/4". Keith and Leroy knew their hunting grounds well and had recent photos of this buck and other bucks to keep my hopes high in connecting with a buck that Ohio is known for. I came in as a stranger and left as a friend. I am planning on coming back for many years to come. Thanks guys for the great hunting and after hours fun. Quotes
Mike McFadden
Retired Union Electrical Worker, Michigan

Quotes I had an unbeleivable rut hunt in Ohio with Urban Area Outfitters. I saw bucks everyday I was out and the properties are set up for ease of the hunter in mind. They put me on numerous good bucks. I had several opportunities that I would have taken in Alabama but after seeing pictures of their bucks I held off and it paid off the second to the last day. I killed a monster 7 pt. that scores in the mid 140's and to boot it weighed dressed out at 242lbs. These guys for being avid hunters know what they are doing, do their homework and I will be back for another rut hunt next year. Jeffrey Williams Ashland Alabama Quotes
Jeffery Williams
Williams Fire Apparatus Ashland, alabama

Quotes The staff at Urban Area Outfitters provided memories that will last a lifetime for my son and I. The knowledgeable staff took the time to ensure my son harvested his first Whitetail. I encountered huge quality bucks every day of the hunt. Thanks to Keith, Leroy and Robin for their hospitality and unbelievable experience. My son and I will be back for years to come! Quotes
Ira Harper
Firefighter, Savanna Georgia